Rodent Treatment

Rodents are a health hazard! Contact VermEx today to request a free rodent control quotation.

Rodents can pose a substantial threat to our homes, gardens and other buildings, especially in areas frequented by children and pets. Rats and mice have the capacity to cause unparalleled amounts of damage and destruction to the fabric of buildings, as well as crops and gardens; but in addition to this, their constant gnawing can interfere with structures such as cabling and pipe work, leading to major incidents such as fires and floods – with resulting repair bills.

All this is apart from the huge health hazard they also represent. Rodents are very efficient carriers of numerous diseases such as salmonella and Weil's disease and their droppings have serious implications for food preparation areas. Given the right conditions they are also able to breed at an amazing rate! Thorough cleaning and good housekeeping go a long way to avoiding rodent infestation; but they can take hold with alarming speed! If you suspect you have a problem – particularly in commercial premises – it’s essential that you engage the services of a rodent control professional.

VermEx has a range of services available aimed at rodent infestation eradication:

Trapping, including electric traps.

Baiting of traps and effective poisoning of rodents.

Monitoring of and reporting on rodent activity.

We also help you to deter further infestation with measures such as:

Sanitising of areas at risk.

Installation of preventative brush strip.

Rodent proofing to block possible routes of entry.

Say good riddance to rodents with VermEx!

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We are happy to undertake domestic or residential work in York and its surrounding areas, or commercial jobs throughout Yorkshire and the UK.