Bitten by the Travel Bug?

When you arrive at your hotel at the start of your well-earned sunshine holiday it’s very tempting to just drop your bags in your room and hit the pool. But beware – bedbugs are back in fashion! And they aren’t fussy about where they holiday – any hotel, from a flea pit to a five star, can fall victim to them.

Before you even take your luggage into your room it’s wise to give it the once-over, as bedbugs can set to work on your belongings before they make a beeline for you. Turn down the bed and check the sheets for specks of blood, which may indicate a bedbug problem. Inspect the mattress itself too – any black spots could be evidence of an infestation, or you may even see live bugs. Other key areas to check are the headboard, beside tables, drawers and carpet edges. It’s definitely worth taking a few moments to do this, as you don’t want to be taking the pesky critters back to your own home!

Unfortunately even a thorough search doesn’t always identify the problem, so if you later discover spots of blood on your bedding it may well be that you’ve been bitten by the bedbug. So stay alert and take care!