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Rodents are a very common pest and can be one of the most universally dreaded. Rodents such as rats and mice are common carriers of disease and can cause widespread damage to property with their gnawing. 

In addition to the damage created by their gnawing, rodents can spread diseases such as hantavirus, salmonella, toxoplasmosis and Weil’s disease, as well as eat and contaminate food stored in your home or business. In the UK, the most common rodent pests include the Brown Rat and the House Mouse.

Here at VermEx, we are very experienced in dealing with different types of rodent infestations and can provide you with a rodent control treatment plan tailored to your individual needs and requirements. We can also provide our commercial clients with a range of professional pest control products to help prevent further infestations.

Our BPCA qualified technicians provide effective and individually tailored pest control solutions across the North of England, Including Manchester, York & Leeds. We understand that you don’t want a repeat infestation and provide expert rodent proofing advice and effective deterrents for rodents.

If you notice any of the warning signs of a rodent problem, such as droppings, rodent damage and rodent sightings, then contact VermEx today by phone on 01904 798676, by email at or by using our contact form to discuss your individual requirements or request a free rodent control quotation. 

    Rats can be very persistent pests and can even gnaw through metal to gain access to your property. Once inside your business or home, rats can spread diseases, such as hantavirus, toxoplasmosis and Weil’s disease, as well as cause damage and contaminate food. In the UK, the most common rat is the brown rat. Indications of rat infestations in your premises include signs of droppings, damage to goods and property, and rodent sightings. 

    A rat infestation should be taken very seriously and a professional pest control expert should always be your first choice for resolving the problem. Discovering rats in your home or business can be very distressing, luckily, there are ways to deter rodents from entering your home or business. Get in touch with our pest control team by email at for advice on rat-proofing your home.

    VermEx is a family-run, professional pest control company based in York with over 30 years’ experience providing tailored pest control solutions to commercial and residential customers in the North of England. We take pride in our high standard of service and customer care and strive to provide a fast and effective pest control service to all of our clients to meet their requirements.  

    Finding mice in your home or business can be very distressing. Mice can cause substantial damage to all kinds of property due to their gnawing and can also carry diseases that can be passed onto humans and pets. Both commercial and residential properties can fall victim to a mouse problem. Signs of an infestation can include droppings, sightings, gnawing damage and a distinctive unpleasant smell from their urine. 

    Usually, a small house mouse problem can be dealt with by the use of mouse traps. However, if the problem is bigger then a site survey will be needed before effective treatment by a rodent control technician. The extent of the infestation will probably be bigger than you would assume, as mice can travel far in search of a food source and shelter. Check for common signs of mice and then get in touch with the pest control experts for fast and effective pest control.

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    If you discover any signs of rodents in your home or business you shouldn’t hesitate to call a professional pest control expert, like VermEx. Rat and mouse infestations are serious and can cause extensive damage to your property if not treated properly. Get in touch with our pest control team by email at

    A rodent pest control technician will perform a site survey of your commercial property before treatment to assess the extent of the infestation. Our experts will then devise a programme of rodent control that is tailored to your problem. The surrounding areas will also need to be treated to avoid re-infestation. All work is carried out conforming to current legislation.

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    If your business or home is suffering from a rodent problem and you are looking for a pest control company then look no further. We provide a wide range of rodent control & proofing measures designed to prevent rodents from damaging your property. 

    If you are looking for fast and effective pest control, get in touch with VermEx on 01904 798676, by emailing or by using our contact form for a no-obligation, free quote. We can also provide a free site survey for any of our commercial clients.