Hibernation or Domination?

We all know that various animals hibernate during the winter, even household pests. You’ve probably seen spiders around the house as winter approaches, looking for a cosy nook in which to settle down! However, many types of vermin, particularly mice and rats, are on the go all year round, even if we don’t see them very much; and as the weather becomes colder, nights longer and food harder to find outside, your home, garden or workplace becomes much more attractive to rodents. They’re always on the lookout for some food or a nice warm place to sleep!

This being the case, our pest control work continues throughout the colder months, and winter is actually a very good time to deal with certain pest problems. Wasps and other insects are dormant at this time, so are easier to remove. It’s also a good time to block up any holes and gaps in your buildings and roofs to prevent insects and birds taking up residence when spring comes.