Insects – Pests or Pets?!

The idea of cockroaches in the home would fill most people with horror, but there is now actually a growing trend to keep them as household pets! Surprisingly, not all cockroaches are considered pests, and more exotic species such as the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, Giant Cockroach and striped Zebra Roach are becoming really popular.

Pet cockroaches are very easy to care for and will eat almost anything, happy to deal with any food waste you might have. They also breed really quickly! Fascinating to watch, they’re a great pet option for those living in limited space. Roaches and other insects such as ants and wasps are also bred in captivity to be used as live food for other creatures, mostly reptiles.

Anyone keeping insects as pets needs to take great care that they don’t escape. If they get out of control their ability to adapt quickly to their environment and breed very rapidly can create a real pest problem.

Our advice would be to enjoy insect pets if you like them, but keep a close eye on them at the same time!