VermEx Welcomes the Hornet!

The newest addition to the VermEx vehicle fleet is a bit different from the norm and very striking – a Vespa Ape 50! Andy and his wife Kate noticed it for sale outside an Italian pizza restaurant whilst strolling around the small market town of Helmsley and simply couldn’t resist it.

Although seemingly a little off the wall, it’s actually become a great marketing tool for the business, standing out in the crowd wherever it goes. But it isn’t just for show – it’s practical too, able to carry rodenticides and insecticides, so perfect for carrying out small jobs around town such as dealing with wasps’ nests and delivering electronic fly killer units.

The Ape has since been nicknamed The Hornet for obvious reasons – it’s usually heard before it’s seen – and can often be found holding up traffic in York city centre due to its leisurely top speed of 25-30 mph. However, with no heater on board it’s definitely destined to be a fair weather only means of transport!

The Ape is a common sight in Italy, where its compact size allows it to negotiate narrow city streets and park virtually anywhere. It is also often seen at the roadside where the load area is used as an impromptu market stall by farmers! The Ape is produced in India by Piaggio, and a similar vehicle is manufactured by Bajaj Auto. In India the Ape is a common sight in the form of an autorickshaw (or tuk-tuk).

Look (or should that be listen!) out for the VermEx Vespa if you’re out and about in York – this is one hornet we won’t be exterminating!