Why A Pest Control Policy for Your School is Important

Find Out How A Professional Pest Control Service Can Help

Who is Responsible For Pest Control in Schools?

Pests are inconvenient anywhere, but they can be even more of a nuisance in schools. Because of the environment, schools are a common area for pests to inhabit: from flies and wasps to rats and mice, schools provide an ideal environment for many of these pests to thrive. That is why controlling them is important. A pest control policy within the school should be in place, and a professional pest control service can help to both maintain and remove any unwanted visitors.

There should always be a designated person who’s in charge of pest control on your grounds, and liaise with local authorities and pest control service providers. It is always best to work with a professional pest control service for your school pest control needs.

Do schools need a pest control policy?

Do schools need a pest control policy?

Ideally, all schools should be in contact with a professional pest company, that understand the importance of child safety in pest control. This will ensure that the school is kept safe, and minimise the number of pests. A school pest control policy can help with the organisation of pest control in your school, and gives you a record of the activities that are undertaken.

Whilst pest control in schools is a continuous, year-round process, there are still times when more work can be done. Schools are empty for parts of the year, such as holidays and weekends, which gives bugs, rodents and birds ample opportunity to make the school their home. so it is recommended that professional pest services are used throughout these periods to minimise infestations.

Pest control timeline

School Pest Control Timeline

Because the Summer is the longest time that schools are empty, and due to the fact that it’s also wasp season, late August is when many pest control activities should take place. However, there should also be continuous activities that take place year-round in order for you to have an effective pest control strategy. These activities are detailed in the table below.


Pest Control Activity



Spray insecticides and pesticides, have a professional pest control service visit

Spring is the season when pests start to become more active, so preventatively spraying for bugs can slow their arrival


Clear any signs of wasp infestation, have a professional pest control service visit

Wasps thrive in the Summer, and the fact that schools are closed for large parts of the season can lead to infestation


Repair any worn crevices in walls and floors, install insect screens, regular cleaning, have a professional pest control service visit

Pests start to move indoors in the Autumn, and the children starting back at school provides them with an ideal environment to spread


Inspect rodent access points, remove water and moisture, have a professional pest control service visit

Pests will find warm and dry places to hibernate for the Winter, so keeping on top of your activities can decrease the risk of this happening

Professional pest control services

Why You Should Use A Professional Pest Control Service in Your School

Many pests that infest schools can be dangerous to staff and pupils; they can cause illness, and, in the case of wasps, can be a serious danger to anyone with an allergy. So making sure you use a professional pest control service is vital. 

Using professional school pest control services can ensure that the pest removal is carried out safely and securely, and in a way that won’t harm the staff or students. We can also help you to prevent future reinfestation, helping offer advice for your school to set effective policies and control measures in place. 

H&S worker with clipboard inspecting workspace

Professional Pest Control in York, Leeds and Manchester

VermEx have over 30 years experience of providing effective pest control services at a cost that won’t break the bank. We provide a range of commercial pest control services, such as:

  • Regular inspections, early detection monitoring and integrated pest management 
  • Installation of bird control measures, such as netting or spikes
  • Servicing electronic fly and insect killer units
  • Installation of insect screens
Pest control FAQs

Pest Control FAQs

The recommended frequency for professional commercial pest control services is quarterly (every 3 months). By choosing VermEx for your pest control needs, you will have access to information on how to safely carry out continuous pest control activity on your site, as well as frequent visits.

We have a simple 4-step pest control process.

  1. Get in touch. Get in touch with our expert team and let us know what your problem is- we even offer a free no-obligation quote and survey.
  2. Survey. Once we’ve established the problem, we’ll send a team out to perform a survey of your premises to further investigate your pest problem.
  3. Treatment. Once we’re sure odf the problem, we can organise a time to start treatment of your school, ensuring we humanely and quickly resolve the problem.
  4. Follow-up care. Once we have treated your school, we will regularly inspect and monitor the premises for future infestation.

If you think you may have a pest infestation problem in your school, the best thing to do is contact a professional. You can contact the VermEx team here.

VermEx is a family-run pest control company with over 30 years of experience in providing a professional pest control service to commercial clients across the North of England, including Manchester, York & Leeds. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly and effectively react to our customer’s needs and provide an unparalleled level of service that is individually tailored to their needs.

If your food processing facility has a pest infestation, get in touch with us today and we can arrange a free quote.

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Pest control problems can be disruptive and inconvenient for businesses. Throughout the North of England, we provide effective and cost-effective commercial pest control services to a wide range of commercial, industrial, and agricultural businesses. 

Over the last 30 years, VermEx has dealt with a wide range of pests with tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. You can be confident that our professional pest control solutions will provide you with peace of mind regardless of what your pest management problem may be. Contact our pest control experts if you have a pest problem on your commercial property. 

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