Birds such as pigeons and seagulls can pose all sorts of problems, especially when roosting in large buildings in urban areas.

As well as being a general nuisance, birds on your property can spread diseases such as salmonella and damage both buildings and vehicles. Their unpleasant droppings can also lead to additional insect infestations or create a slippery and smelly health and safety hazard! If you notice any of the warning signs such as nesting material strewn around your property, bad odours or an increase in bird droppings or insects you may well have a bird problem that needs dealing with.

Here at VermEx we are very experienced in all types of bird control; we can either deal efficiently and humanely with an existing problem or install preventive measures to ensure birds don’t infest your property in the first place. We also specialise in the removal, cleaning up and treatment of bird-related waste.

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