Pigeon Control

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Pigeons can be a real problem, especially when roosting in large buildings in urban areas. Over the years pigeons have adapted well to the urban environment, but their dependence on humans for food has caused them to become a major nuisance in our towns. Being feral, territorial birds they can be very difficult to eliminate.

In addition, pigeons on your property can spread diseases such as salmonella and damage both buildings and vehicles. Their unpleasant droppings can also lead to additional insect infestations or create a slippery and smelly health and safety hazard! If you notice any of the warning signs such as nesting material strewn around your property, bad odours or an increase in bird droppings or insects you may well have a bird problem.

The most common solutions for dealing with pigeons are:

  • Trapping/netting and shooting of birds.
  • Prevention measures such as bird wire, spikes, bird gel/flame gel, bird scarers.
  • Installation of the AviShock electric bird deterrent system.
  • Hawking – flying of birds of prey to deter pigeons.

VermEx also offers post-treatment services such as:

  • Nesting removal, dropping removal and guano removal.
  • Cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting of sites, including power washing if necessary.
  • Solutions for pigeon-related insect treatment.

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